Rolled Out is on its way!

The team is hard at work every day adding new features and content to Rolled Out, and improving the experience step by step. Below, we've outlined our roadmap - the features that are in progress, and our big future plans for the completed version of the game! Here's a sneak peek at what's coming down the road...

More playable characters!

Right now, you can play Rolled Out as the main character, Morris the Rat - but there are many more friends to meet in the future!
and more!

Main game mode + world map!

Progress through levels in our Main Game Mode, where you'll travel across a world map that takes you through each area. Clearing one area will unlock the next, giving you a sequential experience through these brand new levels.

More worlds, and additions to existing worlds!

There are a handful more world backgrounds we'd like to bring to Rolled Out as part of the Main Game Mode - like Big Train here! We'll also be making some additions to existing worlds in the form of improved VFX, level textures, and world-themed visual variants for mechanics.

Additional mechanics!

Rolled Out already has a lot of fun stage mechanics, but as we introduce new worlds for the Main Game Mode, we also plan to introduce a few new mechanics: vanishing platforms, and stage-tilt sliding objects.

Improved custom level support!

We'll be streamlining in-game access to custom-made levels, and providing better support to the creative community members making them, so they can make and upload them easily.

Tutorial, assist mode, and expanded settings!

Adding new features means adding support for those features. We'll be adding a full tutorial, accessibility options like assist mode, and many other settings to let you tweak your experience.

Customisation of the ball!

Along with swapping characters, we'll be implementing additional customisation options for the ball - including shape, trail, and colour.


We'll be adding replays to let you watch back your run of a level, and see all your best jumps, bounces, and fall-outs.

Expanded Audio

We've got a really talented team of sound designers and musicians in our corner, helping us to add more music and SFX.


Down the road, we'd like to offer full multiplayer support, including local & online play, leaderboards, and spectating.

...and more?

More modes? Multiple save profiles? ...additional platforms? We've got great big plans, and can't wait to share them.

Want more info?

Check out our public GitLab issue list to see our latest development progress. You can also join us on Discord and get the latest news right away; we're always excited to hang out, and show off what we're working on.