What are all the characters named?

  • Morris the Rat
  • Oliver the Alligator
  • Chartreuse the Giraffe
  • Snowcone the Chicken
  • Birthday the Ferret
  • Guava the Koala
  • Jolene the Armadillo
  • Saffron the Snake
Every main character is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! In addition, there will be a number of secret unlockable characters, including those added as one of the IndieGoGo backer tiers.

Can I stream the Early Access?

Go ahead! But please be aware, and help your viewers know, that the game is in Early Access. For example, this may mean responding to chat messages inquiring about certain details of the game - but it's up to you! Just keep in mind that things are WIP, incomplete, and messy in places.

For press assets, key requests, and our content creation policy, click here.

When will the game be on Mac? Nintendo Switch? Other platforms?

The Mac version has been delayed due to some engine-related complications; we hope to have a Mac version shipped in a future update to the Early Access.

Porting to consoles can depend on a number of factors, but community support for the Early Access version increases our capability. The best way you can support our ability to work on more platforms is to spread the word about Rolled Out!

I backed the IndieGoGo - does my key work for Early Access?

Yes; whether you bought into the beta, or simply supported for a regular Steam key, it will give you access to the Early Access!

I backed the IndieGoGo - where is my key?

It was emailed to the address you backed the campaign with; check your spam and promotions folder! If you still don't see it, please get in touch.

BUG: There isn't any sound when I load up the game.

Missing menu music & SFX is a known issue in the current version (Version You should hear audio just fine once you get in-game; menu audio will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

BUG: The game crashes on "Game Startup (4/8)"

Try unplugging any controllers you have connected. Step 4/8 is input initialization, and we are working out some kinks in an upcoming patch.

Have another question?

Check our roadmap for the full planned feature list, and the GitLab tracker for latest progress. Join our Discord to chat with the devs and the community directly. Or, click below to visit our support page, to report a bug or give feedback.